Dave Hartman, President - Hartman Executive Advisors

“For me, it’s the relationships with the other Accelerent partners that makes the difference.  Through the Accelerent platform, we’ve been able to forge meaningful personal and professional relationships with the owners of dozens of growing and thriving Baltimore area businesses.   Once you develop connections at that level, the potential for meaningful partnerships and mutual business opportunities are limitless.”

Dave Hartman, President
Hartman Executive Advisors
Baltimore, Maryland AND Greater Washington DC


Martin T. Fletcher, Managing Partner - Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP

“There is no substitute for having a network of truly trusted friends who you can turn to when your business confronts a challenge. Accelerent has given us that broad network and it has already helped us in extremely valuable ways."

Martin T. Fletcher, Managing Partner
Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP
Baltimore, MD and Greater Washington DC


Mary Ann Scully, CEO - Howard Bank

"Accelerent, like Howard Bank, is about building lasting relationships through partnerships that, in turn , are all about making meaningful and mutually beneficial connections.    In our time as an Accelerent Partner we have used the power of these connections to forge new relationships, deepen existing relationships and enhance the power of our brand.  We are proud to be part of Accelerent, a great organization taking networking to the next level."

Mary Ann Scully, CEO
Howard Bank
Baltimore, MD


Mathew Neuberger, President & CEO - Neuberger & Company, Inc.

" I couldn't have doubled my business without the involvement in Accelerent the past 3 years."

Mathew Neuberger, President & CEO
Neuberger & Company, Inc.
Baltimore, MD and Greater Washinton DC


Scott Eckart and Kevin Gutwein, Partners - WestPoint Private Client Group

When we were first approached about joining Accelerent, we were very impressed with its platform, and we are pleased that our decision to be a Partner has been most successful!


Your group is very diligent about listening to our business needs and helping us to achieve our outlined goals. In the first six months we have added new clientele and prospects because of Accelerent introductions. These clients will help contribute to our bottom line today, and for many years to come.


Thank you for all you do! We look forward to many more years of working together! 

Scott Eckart and Kevin Gutwein, Partners
WestPoint Private Client Group


Tim Young, Partner - WealthPoint

With our business model, growth comes from a three-pronged approach; referral relationships with trusted advisors, national speaking engagements, and client referrals. When we first heard about Accelerent we saw the value as it perfectly fit our business model. We were able to step into a structured business development network which saved us substantial time and complimented our core business development activities.


We believe in the law of reciprocity and this is really at the core of what Accelerent is all about. Accelerent has provided a forum to get to know and build relationships with like-minded professionals with the specific intention of helping them receive a warm handoff introduction to the people they want to meet and in turn we also receive the same. This process begins in the meetings and events that Accelerent organizes. Here we are able to uncover each other's value proposition, identify possible strategic partners, build relationships and purposely help one another with solid referrals and warm introductions.


We also believe in the power of third-party marketing and know that when someone else tells our story it is much more powerful than when we tell it. The true hidden value is in the various meetings and events that Accelerent facilitates. We are able to be intentional about the clients we want to meet and in the way we want to meet them. In turn, we have been able to make introductions to people that our fellow partners want to meet as well.


Additionally, the Accelerent breakfasts have given us a medium to add value to our client, vendor and referral partner relationships while delivering greater brand recognition to our clients and hundreds of high profile individuals in the Phoenix area. It has been invaluable to our firm to be associated with these high quality events that bring in top speakers and provide a networking opportunity with top decision makers. It gives our boutique company a much larger feel.


If you are looking for a source in developing relationships, building your brand, and obtaining new business opportunities, I would highly recommend that you consider Accelerent. We are glad we did.

Tim Young, Partner


Tom Adams, VP of Commercial Sales - Price Modern

"Price Modern is proud to be an Accelerent Partner.  The value in terms of new business and potential business opportunities has been better than advertised.  The Accelerent team works hard to maximize the use of our time by creating a tailored strategy specifically for our team.  The events are top notch and well run.  Price Modern looks forward to being a longstanding Accelerent Partner."

Tom Adams, VP of Commercial Sales
Price Modern
Greater Washington DC