Derek Daly is a World class Formula One and Indy 500 Driver, Master of Fast, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author and 25 year network television analyst. The Hall of Fame race car driver uses the teaching power of a unique sports platform in a way seldom seen before. Derek competed against world champions - raced for some of the world's most successful teams - won all over the world - lived in Monte Carlo - dined with Royalty - and was almost killed three times. His experiences are breathtaking.

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For Those Who Haven't Heard You Speak, Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself

I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. Early in life, I found my true passion in race car driving, and I was fortunate enough to have a 17 year career in the high speed world. In 1984, I was in a horrible accident that nearly killed me. That was a defining moment in my life. That accident then led to an interview with ESPN which allowed me the opportunity to have a 10-year contract with them. All of the experiences throughout my life allowed me the opportunity to become a motivational speaker. The fast paced world of motor sports almost mirrors the business model that we live in today. Everything moves so quick and the pressure is higher than ever before, that my experience lends itself to helping motivate business leaders and professionals all over the world.

What Have You Found Is The Biggest Similarity Between Race Car Drivers and Successful Business People?

Every successful business will be forced to do things faster. I come from a world that has been doing that most of my life. Every successful business will have to take risks. Being passive and cautious will never make you be successful race car driver. Drivers must take intelligent risks. If you add intelligent risks, you begin to mirror or emulate the framework and thinking of business. Think about going into a corner at 225 mph. What type of people do you want behind you? It's a very easy connection to make between how my race car driving operates and the ideal business model. Businesses and individuals need to take intelligent risks and constantly be figuring out how to better serve their customers at a faster rate.

If You Could Go Back And Tell Your 18 Year Old Self One Thing, What Would It Be?

I would say, learn much faster about how to fuse the emotional side with the logical side of your business. Most of my life was centered around the emotional side of race car driving. In other words, I'll be self-sufficient. I kept telling myself, all I need to do is go faster. But as I got older, the logical side of race car driving came to be much more important to me. That area of life is where you plan and execute properly and where I believe the majority of our time needs to be spent.

With All Of The Tragedies and Successes You've Had, What Is Your Biggest Takeaway From It All?

Being the very best you can be is a choice. There is a big difference between being the best you can be and wanting to be the best you can be. Unless you add the word want to every scenario, you don't necessarily give yourself action items. Roger Penske is a man I admire. Roger once told me, he doesn't put his employees in a position that they can be the best they can be. He places them into roles where they want to be the best they can be. That's a different emotional framework. When you want something, it becomes your internal driver to achieve.

What Could Accelerent Partners Gain From Your Latest Book "A Champions Path?"

I recently sent a book to the manager of a bank in my home town. Four days later, she ordered 250 copies. She gave one to every member of her bank and one to 100 of her customers. She told me that the book was an easy read and that she said she could visualize the high performance principles in the book. Everyone understands that we want to succeed, but I use the book to create a colorful and engaging platform to provide the analogies that people can grasp onto. Race car driving is an untouchable sport. You can go to a sporting goods store to buy rackets and balls, but there are no fire proof suits or cars there. I use the book as the engagement platform to deliver the analogies and high performance principles in a way that others can have their "Ah-Ha" moment.

If There Was Anything Else You Could Tell Our Partners, What Would It Be?

I think the only other thing I would say is that keynote speakers don't have magical information. The power of keynote speaking is that we have an engaging platform that brings stickiness to a message. Stickiness is the key to having people leave with the message "stuck" to them. Only by using this method, is there any chance of people using your message to better their lives. My goal is to try and bring color and engagement to those that hear me speak and hope that my message can "stick" with them.

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