Giving the Basics


Decision Maker: Teresa Hamilton
Decision Maker Phone: 913.208.3611
Contact Person: Teresa Hamilton
Contact Person Phone: 913.208.3611
Office Phone: 913.208.3611


Address: 927 S. 7th Street
City, State: Kansas City, KS
Zip Code: 66105
Market: Kansas City, MO


# of Employees: 6-10

Category: Non Profit: Living Necessities Mission

Our Mission Statement: Human Dignity
We bring dignity, health and opportunity to thrive to struggling children and adults through procurement, fulfillment and distribution of hygiene products.

Our Story
Giving the Basics started in the Midwest in 2011 when a small group of people came together to help a family in need. The family was struggling to make ends meet. They were requesting food donations from the local pantry but their basic necessities of life like shampoo, toothpaste, laundry detergent, diapers and toilet paper were not available. These products were not covered by government assistance programs. The family was too embarrassed to ask for these items from other sources, so sadly they went without. The concerned group of people decided something needed to be done. They pooled their resources and agreed to help the family until they were able to help themselves. Giving the Basics was born.

Now entering its 10th year, Giving the Basics has grown by teaming with more than 140 non-profit organizations and 350 local schools, police department to distribute hygiene products and cleaning supplies throughout KC metro area. These hygiene items immediately help low-income families with small children, students, battered women, veterans, senior citizens, former prisoners and the mentally ill. Our services provide products that allow children to attend school feeling fresh, comfortable and open to the learning environment. They help young adults address issues needed to gain employment and have an opportunity for improved health, hope and dignity. From homeless teens to single moms, veterans to recently released prisoners, Giving the Basics positively impacts members of our community from many walks of life. We serve children and families of all ethnicities and religious beliefs.