Kansas City

Watchmen Security Services was founded in 2011 by a husband and wife with the motivation to be a premier security company in the greater Kansas City area, providing the best security equipment with the best service.

Based in a suburb of Kansas City, MO, we install, service, and maintain clients in a 100-mile radius around the Kansas City metro area, with great expectations to reach our city and beyond. We provide security services to small to large commercial locations, including industrial spaces, and also to small to large residential areas.

Our services include intrusion alarm services, 24/7 monitoring, surveillance camera systems, people-counting video services, retail analytics, freezer and cooler monitoring, electronic locks and access control systems, home automation, and much, much more. Using our knowledge and experience, we thoroughly evaluate the needs and desires of those we work with and do our very best to customize a system that exceeds those expectations. It is our mission to create an unparalleled customer experience, with our attention to detail, dedication, innovation and determination for excellence.

How Accelerent helps build business

The most valuable key that has helped build business has been the relationships that have begun through Accelerent. They truly are priceless relationships. Within the first year of becoming a Partner, we had already seen a 100% return on the investment we made into the group. The trusted Partners that we have developed through this group will last a lifetime, and I don’t believe you can put a value on that.

In our first three years of being an Accelerent Partner, our ROI has been 10 fold. We’ve given business to numerous partners and are always looking for ways to give back.

Advice to Prospective Partners

First and foremost, you will reap what you sow. If you are looking to build your business, gain influence and stature in the market that you are in, I don’t know of a better tool to use. In Accelerent, I can promise you that if you come to every meeting with an open hand and open mind, you will gain more than you were initially looking for. Thank you, Accelerent Team!

Whether you’re looking to throw a black-tie gala for high-value clients or you’d like to reward your employees with a trip to the shores of Oahu, MTI Events is the event planner that can do it all.

Through careful planning, incomparable creativity and attention to every detail, we’ll put on an event that will go down in company history forever.

John DeLeon, Vice President of Sales at MTI Events, recently shared with us how being an Accelerent Partner has contributed to their success.

How Accelerent helps build business

Planned Companies has received over $1 million in new business from its partnership with Accelerent. We have given several leads and introductions to our Accelerent Partners that has led to new relationships, opportunities and business. Remember, "In life – if you give, you get. If you give your time, energy and guidance, you will get much in return."

Keys To Success In Accelerent

Initially our success was driven by our energy and commitment to attend meetings at all different levels. To help us market within the Accelerent network during our travel season, we had additional employees get involved, which has helped us to develop Partner relationships and assist our sales teams in finding ways for MTI to connect with other Accelerent Partners.

Advice for Other Accelerent Partners or Prospective Accelerent Partners

The key to Accelerent success is moving beyond simply being a member. It’s about committing yourself to being an active participant in environments and being dedicated to developing strong relationships with other Partners. If you’re willing to invest the time and help Partners be successful, the financial investment in Accelerent goes far beyond the membership costs.

NetStandard is a leading provider of strategic information technology solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.

Our full-service technology solutions include managed technology services, virtual machines, cloud computing and data center services, all delivered with a consultative approach and supported 24x7x365 by our expert teams of engineers.

Clarity, our IT managed services brand, offers a comprehensive, outsourced technology solution that delivers the exact prescription businesses need to change their IT from a painful cost center to a strategic business advantage.

Custom Cloud, our virtual server solution, offers tailored virtual solutions that can eliminate hardware management, maximize the computing power used each month and create a customized virtual computing solution based on unique business needs.

Jon Holzmeister, Vice President of Sales, recently shared how being an Accelerent Partner has contributed to NetStandard’s success.

How Accelerent helps build business:

Accelerent has offered NetStandard the unique opportunity to build strong new relationships with key Partners throughout the Kansas City business community. In just our first year with Accelerent, we can boast over $100,000 in new business gained from Accelerent fueled relationships. In addition, we have given back over $35,000 in business to participating Accelerent Partners.

Advice for prospective Partners:

You get back what you put in. We started by building a targeted list of business professionals we felt would benefit from hearing the NetStandard story. We also make an assertive effort to attend the monthly events. In order to make the most out of all the events, we advise maintaining a schedule, signing up team members well in advance, and rotating participation among your team. There are many opportunities, but organization and staying on top of the schedule will pay big dividends if executed properly.


Lotus Lawncare serves commercial and residential customers throughout Kansas City. Their team works hard to ensure world class service, that they exceed expectations and maintain their reputation as one of the most trusted names in lawn and landscape maintenance.

Brandon Banks recently shared with us how being an Accelerent Partner has contributed to their success.

How much business have you received during your time with Accelerent?

We have generated about $630,000 in the two years that we have been a partner and are currently working on another large bid. I have given out about 15 referrals so far and anticipate many more as I continue to build relationships with other partners.

Advice for other partners or prospective partners:

Meeting one on one with other partners and utilizing all the tools that Accelerent provides has been my key to success. In doing so I have met many connections to help me achieve my goals on a business and personal level.

As a family owned company with offices throughout the Midwest, SummerOne is a leader in the document solutions market. 

They provide innovative document input, management and output solutionst hat increase productivity, functionality, quality and value in diverse business environments. Chris Guance, Division President of SummerOne, recently shared with us how being an Accelerent Partner has contributed to their success.

 How Accelerent helps build business:

Just in our first year as an Accelerent Partner, we have received over $185k in business referred by other Partners. Having a “give to get” mentality isn’t just a saying with our team; it’s our passion and something we practice constantly as part of Accelerent. We regularly look for opportunities and discuss internally how we can help Accelerent Partners. In fact, of the $200k we’ve helped Partners close, a large percentage was “unsolicited” by the Partner.

 Advice for other Partners or prospective Partners:

Do your best to be represented in 100% of the Accelerent environments. It’s what has made our success possible. We also don’t limit ourselves to any types of Partners. By focusing on maximizing the “abundance” that is Accelerent, we regularly have Partner-to-Partner meetings with Executives and Producers. On nearly a daily basis we are communicating with fellow Accelerent Partners to find connectivity with target prospects to help set up meetings. We are pleased with the results we achieved in the first year and are extremely excited about the future. We highly recommend Accelerent to any company that’s serious about driving revenue.

For more than 100 years Musselman & Hall Contractors, LLC (and its predecessor companies) have been providing high quality concrete, asphalt, and railroad services to its governmental, private and industrial.

How Accelerent helps build business:

Since joining Accelerent about five years ago, our business has tripled in size and I estimate that we have gained about $4,000,000 in business through Accelerent. There is also more than $500,000 that I can name where we have either given leads to, or done business with, Accelerent Partners. In fact, we are either currently working with, or have worked with, at least 12 Accelerent Partners. The compounded savings from just replacing our accounting firm with an Accelerent Partner has covered our Accelerent fees.

The key to success with Accelerent:

Show up as much as possible and be prepared to engage. It is important to always have a list of people you want to meet; it is amazing how many introductions we get through Accelerent. It is also important to know as much as possible about other Accelerent Partner companies; not only so you can help them, but also so you can meet other people of influence in the Partner companies that may hire us to do some work for them or introduce us to someone they know. The idea is to keep baiting as many hooks as possible to catch as many fish as possible.

Advice for other Accelerent Partners or prospective Accelerent Partners:

Work the platform! Do not join Accelerent and go back to your office and wait for the phone to ring. You must be engaged to get business and give business. I go to every Accelerent event hoping to make at least one new connection. Usually I make more than one, but if I follow up on at least one, it almost always leads to something good. Once I make that one contact, I know I must be bold and be willing make something happen. This kind of activity is not my nature, so I am able to use Accelerent to stretch out of my comfort zone.