Partner Success Stories

designDATA is an established managed IT and cybersecurity solutions provider with a 40+-year legacy, headquartered in Washington, DC.

They work with small to medium-sized businesses, associations, and nonprofits to transform their IT from a constraint into an empowering force within the organization. Their customer-centric and tailored approach ensures that their customers have the right technology and resources to achieve their business objectives.

What Sets You Apart from Your Competitors?

We employ a team-based approach to service. Each client is assigned a dedicated team that gets to know their culture, goals, workflows, and people. We find that we can provide more efficient and effective services using this approach as we are more like an extension of their in-house team (rather than a contractor or consultant). We believe in empowering people with technology. To fulfill that promise, we offer targeted training, helping our clients’ employees become more confident, collaborative, and security-minded technology users.

How Much Business Have You Given During Your Time with Accelerent?

I find it remarkable how mutually beneficial it can be to engage with the Accelerent community. My team and I always go in with a “Give to Get” mindset, and we find that everyone else is just as willing to jump in with the same approach. In almost six years of partnership, designDATA has provided at least 100 referrals to partners totaling millions of dollars in revenue.

How Much Business Have You Received During Your Time with Accelerent?

designDATA has received at least an equal amount of support from our Accelerent partners as we have given. We have received at least 100 referrals and introductions during our six-year engagement, resulting in millions of dollars in revenue.

What Advice Do You Have for Other Accelerent Partners or Prospective Partners?

Treat Accelerent like any other professional endeavor. Much like any other community, the value you get out of Accelerent is proportionate to the value you put in. Take the time to get to know your fellow partners personally and professionally. Seek to understand their priorities. Prepare for meetings. Learn what types of introductions move the needle for your partners and strategize on how best to provide them. Be very specific and focused with all requests; help your partners help you. Most importantly, it’s critical to walk the talk, follow through on promises, and honor your commitments—just as you would any other customer commitment. When you do this, you will develop deep, meaningful, high-value relationships with like-minded individuals who are well-connected, highly trusted experts in their respective industries.

For over 21 years, Incite Creative’s team of marketing executives has advised clients on which marketing channels would achieve their objectives most efficiently.  Their engagement model differs from that of other marketing advisory firms. They provide leadership directly to the C-suite and oversee, create, or become the marketing department, depending on the client’s needs and resources.

 What makes Accelerent Unique?

Accelerent is more than a networking group. It is an environment of professionals and trusted advisors who strive to build genuine relationships. The emphasis is not on calling in favors; it is understanding what other partners do and helping them make valuable connections. The intention of benefitting others creates a level of comfort you won’t find in other networking groups.

How has Accelerent helped your business?

Before joining, I spent valuable time networking in far less productive circles. Other groups offer value but not enough to achieve a return on the time invested. Accelerent provides environments that allow me to grow relationships with executives. I learn their advisory models, they learn mine, and this enables us to make impactful introductions. Accelerent has also provided me with a suite of trusted colleagues in complementary fields that add value to my client services.

How much business have you given and received through Accelerent?

I have developed alliances with at least 20% of the Baltimore partnership. They’ve become an extension of my team. I regularly generate ongoing business for them. During my first year as an Accelerent partner, we closed $120,000 of bottom-line profit resulting from Accelerent-generated business. We have consistently exceeded those numbers for more than ten years, except for year three. We tripled that number in 2020 despite the pandemic.

What advice do you have for new or prospective Accelerent Partners?

It is worth the investment to “fish in the right pond.” Accelerent partners are the Best in Class in their industries. Don’t do what I did in year three, allowing my participation to drop. Remain engaged. Leverage the staff and the platform, and the success will come. Return calls and put Accelerent partners at the top of your list. Make efforts to support them, even in non-Accelerent environments. Your responsiveness will be paid back in dividends.

Green Job Works (GJW) is a staffing company that provides labor for general contractors and subcontractors within the construction industry in Baltimore and surrounding areas.

They also offer construction services, like mold remediation, demolition, and jobsite cleanup services, all of which go hand-in-hand with what contractors do.

Most of their competition is either contractors or staffing companies. Green Job Works is the only organization that does both. As the contractor, they can ramp up and get more people on jobsites because they have a staffing division. As a staffing partner, they can help other contractors finish jobs more quickly, placing the right skills with the right client to ensure a good fit every time.

How Is Accelerent Different?

Accelerent Partners emphasize the value of relationships—true partnerships—in driving business value. It works on a business development level versus just networking, or a leads club. GJW’s Business Development Director was initially resistant to participating with Accelerent as he thought it would be just another networking organization. However, his very first engagement resulted in several introductions, with Partners wanting to learn more about him and the business. He had never encountered such an atmosphere of people asking, “how can I help you?” and genuinely wanting to make warm introductions to assist him in his business development efforts.

How Has Accelerent Helped Your Business?

One of the first partners we first connected with in Baltimore was actually from the DC area. As our conversations evolved, he introduced us to a senior project manager for a major construction firm in DC, who connected us to 12 project managers who all began using Green Job Works for their staffing needs. These connections continue to add value to our business and the bottom line.

Do You Have Any Advice For Prospective Accelerent Partners?

If you’re only interested in joining Accelerent to sell to other companies on the platform, Accelerent might not be the best fit for you. You need to embrace the give-to-get mindset and approach your partnership with the intention of building strong, quality relationships with other Partners. With this approach, your business will flourish.

The process itself is very organic and will evolve and build value over time. There might even be moments when you feel guilty, like you’re not giving back as much as you are receiving, but the key is remembering that no one is keeping score. Authentic relationships are being built, and the best introductions are never forced to meet any kind of quota; they will happen at the right moment, and it will all make sense.

Brightway Insurance has relationships with over 100 insurance companies and can offer more choices than any other independent insurance agency.  They offer personal and commercial insurance to both private individuals and corporations, building customized policies to fit the coverage needs of their valued clients. In the commercial sector, they specialize in construction, manufacturing, and distribution. Their local, accessible team can provide expert advice that helps clients and prospective clients make smart and cost-effective coverage choices.

How has Accelerent helped your business?

We joined the Accelerent Partnership with no expectations for closing new business in year one of our three year Agreement. However, we were able to achieve a 20% jump in growth from introductions made by our new Partners.

How much business have you give and received with Accelerent?

In the first year, we made at least a dozen quality introductions to our Accelerent Partners. Half of those introductions were converted to new business. We were able to onboard a similar number of new clients as a result of the relationships we built with  our Accelerent Partners.

What advice do you have for new or prospective Accelerent Partners?

We encourage prospective partners to join Accelerent when they have the opportunity. Once you’re a partner, roll up your sleeves and start playing. Engage with other partners, listen to their needs, and find ways to help them acquire new business through impactful introductions and referrals. If you make it about them, they’re going to make it about you.

Valve+Meter Performance Marketing uses the term “performance” to represent the tangible results they achieve for their clients.  As a full-service marketing agency that’s highly focused on growth metrics, they’ve developed successful, individualized marketing strategies for the past 20 years. By closely monitoring the performance of each campaign, they’re able to quickly adjust their strategies to optimize client ROI and achieve maximum growth.

What makes you different than your competitors?

In two decades, we’ve taken a slew of companies from $1 million to $10 million, many others from $0 to $35 million, one from $0 to $50 million, and one from $2 million to $400 million. We set realistic expectations for returns on every marketing dollar invested, and we deliver on those expectations by pulling back on what isn’t working and pushing forward what is working.

How much business have you given and received through Accelerent?

We provided more than 160 introductions in our first year alone, taking advantage of opportunities to solve clients’ issues and make ourselves look like rock stars. In return, we’ve received hundreds of introductions to date. Where we usually would expect to see 10x ROI in the B2B space, we’ve seen 50 to 70x returns through our partnerships at Accelerent.

What advice do you have for new or prospective Accelerent Partners?

Show up as the owner of your business and engage with the partners. Learn about their companies and tell them about your business. Build relationships. Open doors and help out. Take advantage of any opportunity to make a connection for a partner. Your team will follow. Accelerent is full of great partners and great business leaders, many of whom have become friends.

Started in 1977, PMM Companies is a facilities maintenance and management (FM) company that provides janitorial, building engineering, and project management services.  From their offices in Washington DC, Rockville, Baltimore, and Florida, PMM supports commercial, government, education, and worship facilities with full-service maintenance to optimize the use of commercial properties and generate significant cost savings.

What makes PMM different than your competitors.

By handling the janitorial, building engineering, and project management services in-house, they’re able to keep their costs down and pass that value on to their clients. PMM performs 99% of their own work, only outsourcing when necessary. This allows PMM to maintain control of their projects and ensure continued quality and performance.

How much business have you given and received through Accelerent?

We’ve been with Accelerent for two years. In that time, we’ve generated about $100,000 in business for our partners across six opportunities. In return, we’ve received about $500,000 in business from five different opportunities that were shared with us by our valued partners. The return for the time invested in relationship building through Accelerent is much higher than the ROI on time spent in other networking groups and platforms.

What advice do you have for new or prospective Accelerent Partners?

For new partners coming into Accelerent, we recommend following the program. It’s a playbook for generating business growth through new client acquisition and service quality improvement. The plan is a proven path to success. It takes a different amount of time for everyone, but you will be successful if you actively engage with other partners. Join Accelerent to build the community. If you are willing to build the community, you will build yourself. Everybody wins, and everybody is successful.

Orases is a custom software agency based in Frederick, Maryland. We have become a trusted provider of application, mobile and website development services.  Founded in 2000, we have become a trusted provider of application, mobile and website development services and solutions that drive efficiency and provide measurable cost savings and revenue gains to our client partners.

Orases purposefully works within a wide-variety of industries and with businesses of all shapes and sizes; from startups, to SMBs, to Fortune 500 companies. Find out more about about the success they have found with Accelerent from Nick Damoulakis, the President of Orases.

How Accelerent helps build business

Orases has received over $2 million in business from Partners within Accelerent. In addition to the business they have received, they have given Partners over $2 million in business as well.

What do you think has been your key to success in Accelerent?

Accelerent is one of the few places where you can foster meaningful relationships that build endurance for true long-term possibilities. I relate it a little to the Pay It Forward method of thinking. We also have dedicated individuals on our team that are solely working the Accelerent model.

What advice do you have for other Accelerent Partners or prospective Accelerent Partners?

Accelerent takes time, patience and commitment but it's worth it. If you believe and stand behind your product, you are bound for success with Accelerent Partners.

Watchmen Security Services was founded in 2011 by a husband and wife with the motivation to be a premier security company in the greater Kansas City area, providing the best security equipment with the best service.

Based in a suburb of Kansas City, MO, we install, service, and maintain clients in a 100-mile radius around the Kansas City metro area, with great expectations to reach our city and beyond. We provide security services to small to large commercial locations, including industrial spaces, and also to small to large residential areas.

Our services include intrusion alarm services, 24/7 monitoring, surveillance camera systems, people-counting video services, retail analytics, freezer and cooler monitoring, electronic locks and access control systems, home automation, and much, much more. Using our knowledge and experience, we thoroughly evaluate the needs and desires of those we work with and do our very best to customize a system that exceeds those expectations. It is our mission to create an unparalleled customer experience, with our attention to detail, dedication, innovation and determination for excellence.

How Accelerent helps build business

The most valuable key that has helped build business has been the relationships that have begun through Accelerent. They truly are priceless relationships. Within the first year of becoming a Partner, we had already seen a 100% return on the investment we made into the group. The trusted Partners that we have developed through this group will last a lifetime, and I don’t believe you can put a value on that.

In our first three years of being an Accelerent Partner, our ROI has been 10 fold. We’ve given business to numerous partners and are always looking for ways to give back.

Advice to Prospective Partners

First and foremost, you will reap what you sow. If you are looking to build your business, gain influence and stature in the market that you are in, I don’t know of a better tool to use. In Accelerent, I can promise you that if you come to every meeting with an open hand and open mind, you will gain more than you were initially looking for. Thank you, Accelerent Team!

Whether you’re looking to throw a black-tie gala for high-value clients or you’d like to reward your employees with a trip to the shores of Oahu, MTI Events is the event planner that can do it all.

Through careful planning, incomparable creativity and attention to every detail, we’ll put on an event that will go down in company history forever.

John DeLeon, Vice President of Sales at MTI Events, recently shared with us how being an Accelerent Partner has contributed to their success.

How Accelerent helps build business

MIT Events has received over $1 million in new business from its partnership with Accelerent. We have given several leads and introductions to our Accelerent Partners that has led to new relationships, opportunities and business. Remember, "In life – if you give, you get. If you give your time, energy and guidance, you will get much in return."

Keys To Success In Accelerent

Initially our success was driven by our energy and commitment to attend meetings at all different levels. To help us market within the Accelerent network during our travel season, we had additional employees get involved, which has helped us to develop Partner relationships and assist our sales teams in finding ways for MTI to connect with other Accelerent Partners.

Advice for Other Accelerent Partners or Prospective Accelerent Partners

The key to Accelerent success is moving beyond simply being a member. It’s about committing yourself to being an active participant in environments and being dedicated to developing strong relationships with other Partners. If you’re willing to invest the time and help Partners be successful, the financial investment in Accelerent goes far beyond the membership costs.

Since 1974, Maryland Telephone has been a leading provider of innovative communications solutions. Their mission is to reduce its customers’ costs while improving their business processes.

They are able to achieve this by offering comprehensive, high-quality communications services including digital and voice over IP business telephone systems, local, long-distance and internet service, desktop video conferencing and collaboration, voice and data cabling and digital voice recording.

Michael Cook, President of Maryland Telephone, recently shared with us how being an Accelerent Partner has contributed to their success.

How Accelerent helps build business

Since 2009 we have gained about $2 million in new business from relationships made possible through Accelerent. In addition, we have given at least $250,000 to other Accelerent Partners.

Keys To Success In Accelerent

Meeting one-on-one with our Accelerent Partners so that you can learn what’s important to them personally and professionally. Understanding their target market, who they want to meet and the right time to make an introduction. We have had great success by getting as many people as possible in my own company involved in the events and have them build their own relationships.

Advice for Other Accelerent Partners or Prospective Accelerent Partners

Meet with as many Partners as you can, as quickly as you can. Attend the events and bring guests when applicable. Year after year our Accelerent partnership continues to produce a return on our investment, as well as new relationships, that I know will be lifelong friends.