Partner Success Story: Hi-Gene’s Janitorial, Gwen Thomasson

Hi-Gene’s Janitorial is a full-service commercial cleaning company in Kansas City, MO, dedicated to helping its customers maintain a “five-star” appearance every single day. Established in 1969 as a mom-and-pop operation, they have built an unimpeachable reputation for excellence, quality, and a high level of customer service. They are now a certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) employing nearly 300 people throughout the Midwest.

How Has Accelerent Helped Your Business?

It’s been great to connect with other business owners who are facing some of the same challenges and successes. We learn from each other and grow from each other’s experiences. Most significantly, we have found many benefits connecting with Accelerent partners that have similar customer bases and enjoy working together. It’s also been amazing to connect with partners that do not share a customer base. For example, most of our connections are in the service industry, so it’s good to gain perspectives that break us out of that comfort zone. It’s helped us expand our reach beyond the service world, which has been incredibly eye-opening.

How Much Business Have You Given or Received During Your First Year with Accelerent?

An Accelerent Partner reached out to us regarding an extensive construction clean-up RFP. We weren’t aware they were actively looking for a WBE cleaning company, so this was very exciting. The connection was completely unsolicited, and now we have a real shot at this incredible opportunity—and it’s all because of the Accelerent Partnership.

On another occasion, we invited an influential guest to the Accelerent Breakfast. He had a great time, and while he was there, he mentioned that he wasn’t satisfied with the janitorial services in a couple of his buildings. He asked us to come in and meet with him. We ended up winning the contract for those two buildings, which brings us over $70,000 per year.

Do You Have Any Advice for Other Accelerent Partners or Prospects Considering Accelerent?

We became an Accelerent Partner during the pandemic. It benefitted us because we invested time to engage with other Partners. So, if we can offer one piece of advice, it would be to engage. Commit time to the process, get involved, and participate. Making authentic connections is what Accelerent is all about.

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