Partner Success Story: PMM, Mitch Lustig

Started in 1977, PMM Companies is a facilities maintenance and management (FM) company that provides janitorial, building engineering, and project management services.  From their offices in Washington DC, Rockville, Baltimore, and Florida, PMM supports commercial, government, education, and worship facilities with full-service maintenance to optimize the use of commercial properties and generate significant cost savings.

What makes PMM different than your competitors.

By handling the janitorial, building engineering, and project management services in-house, they’re able to keep their costs down and pass that value on to their clients. PMM performs 99% of their own work, only outsourcing when necessary. This allows PMM to maintain control of their projects and ensure continued quality and performance.

How much business have you given and received through Accelerent?

We’ve been with Accelerent for two years. In that time, we’ve generated about $100,000 in business for our partners across six opportunities. In return, we’ve received about $500,000 in business from five different opportunities that were shared with us by our valued partners. The return for the time invested in relationship building through Accelerent is much higher than the ROI on time spent in other networking groups and platforms.

What advice do you have for new or prospective Accelerent Partners?

For new partners coming into Accelerent, we recommend following the program. It’s a playbook for generating business growth through new client acquisition and service quality improvement. The plan is a proven path to success. It takes a different amount of time for everyone, but you will be successful if you actively engage with other partners. Join Accelerent to build the community. If you are willing to build the community, you will build yourself. Everybody wins, and everybody is successful.