Partner Success Story: Green Job Works, Larry Lopez

Green Job Works (GJW) is a staffing company that provides labor for general contractors and subcontractors within the construction industry in Baltimore and surrounding areas.

They also offer construction services, like mold remediation, demolition, and jobsite cleanup services, all of which go hand-in-hand with what contractors do.

Most of their competition is either contractors or staffing companies. Green Job Works is the only organization that does both. As the contractor, they can ramp up and get more people on jobsites because they have a staffing division. As a staffing partner, they can help other contractors finish jobs more quickly, placing the right skills with the right client to ensure a good fit every time.

How Is Accelerent Different?

Accelerent Partners emphasize the value of relationships—true partnerships—in driving business value. It works on a business development level versus just networking, or a leads club. GJW’s Business Development Director was initially resistant to participating with Accelerent as he thought it would be just another networking organization. However, his very first engagement resulted in several introductions, with Partners wanting to learn more about him and the business. He had never encountered such an atmosphere of people asking, “how can I help you?” and genuinely wanting to make warm introductions to assist him in his business development efforts.

How Has Accelerent Helped Your Business?

One of the first partners we first connected with in Baltimore was actually from the DC area. As our conversations evolved, he introduced us to a senior project manager for a major construction firm in DC, who connected us to 12 project managers who all began using Green Job Works for their staffing needs. These connections continue to add value to our business and the bottom line.

Do You Have Any Advice For Prospective Accelerent Partners?

If you’re only interested in joining Accelerent to sell to other companies on the platform, Accelerent might not be the best fit for you. You need to embrace the give-to-get mindset and approach your partnership with the intention of building strong, quality relationships with other Partners. With this approach, your business will flourish.

The process itself is very organic and will evolve and build value over time. There might even be moments when you feel guilty, like you’re not giving back as much as you are receiving, but the key is remembering that no one is keeping score. Authentic relationships are being built, and the best introductions are never forced to meet any kind of quota; they will happen at the right moment, and it will all make sense.