Partner Success Story: Price Modern

Price Modern focuses on the vital relationship between space and people within your organization. We help create workplaces that enhance culture and maximize employee engagement.

With both a design focus and an emphasis on best practices in technology for the highest performance and return on space. We partner with the Architectural and Design, Commercial and Corporate Real Estate, and Healthcare and Hospitality communities to provide thought leadership and innovation on workspace design.

Greg Marlowe, Director of Sales at Price Modern, recently shared with us how being an Accelerent Partner has contributed to their success.

How Accelerent Helps Build Business

I think two great advantages we’ve experienced from the Accelerent Business Development Platform have been Partner introductions to valued relationships within their networks, and those connections we’ve been able to make to our Partners from our own trusted advisors and customers. We’ve had approximately 25 of these “ancillary” meetings that hold incredible future value for Price Modern to develop warm relationships with a variety of influencers and potential customers.

Since joining Accelerent, we have been introduced to known opportunities that exceed $750K. They are in a variety of life cycle stages, but in less than a year we’ve far surpassed our traditional networking expected return.

Keys To Success In Accelerent

We’ve worked hard to keep it simple and committed quality time and resources into Accelerent. The “Micah, Medley & Kim” team gave us a great roadmap early on, and we built a systematized plan to attend all the Accelerent calendar events, schedule Partner to Partner meetings without regard to industry, engage as many of our team members into the various environments, and above all – always strive to provide value to our Partners with a giving mentality.

Participating in the Subgroup meetings has been a great opportunity to collaborate on opportunities and provide insight from our own tracking of projects and potential customers. We’ve begun to “partner” with our Partners to provide greater value and diversity of offerings to our market place and theirs. A win-win for everyone!

Advice for Other Accelerent Partners or Prospective Accelerent Partners

We learned quickly to never prejudge a company or individual Partner … some of the most surprising and incredible synergies have developed from the effort to meet with each and every Partner company. Most importantly -- the only way to provide and receive value from Accelerent comes from being an active and contributing member of the network.