Partner Success Story: American Health & Wellness Group

American Health & Wellness Group is an employee benefit broker and a corporate wellness company. We work with our clients to improve the health and productivity.

Of their employees and their families, while creating a culture of wellness for the entire organization. Health coaches and nurses go onsite to clients to work with members to improve their health which directly impacts the quality and cost of benefits for the employer and employees.

How Accelerent helps build business:

A key success has been in proactively making introductions for Accelerent Partners at a C-suite level. By taking the time to learn about the core competencies and nature of each Partner’s business, we have been able to refer Partners to our clients when we see an opportunity. These referrals to Partners have significantly improved our relationship with our clients by becoming a valued advisor.

What Have You Found Has Helped Your Success The Most?

By making personal introductions, having joint seminars, hosting events and more, we have been successful in creating revenue for AHWG and our Partners. Over a 2-year period, AHWG has realized over $300,000 in revenue thanks to introductions from Partners and provided over 50 leads resulting in $200,000 in revenue for our Partners.

What Advice Do You Have For Accelerent Partners or Prospective Partners?

Don’t lose any time…the Accelerent platform works! Make the time to get to know your Partners right away. Make sure to find the Partners you align most naturally with and do deep dives so that you truly understand each other’s value proposition. Be proactive and find opportunities for each other. If you’re going to make an introduction, make it as warm as possible, and consider hosting a coffee or lunch for your connection and your Partner. Work the system as it is intended and you’ll love the results.