Partner Success Story: JourneyTEAM

JourneyTEAM is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with over 25 years of experience. They provide business technology solutions that are innovative and cost effective to foster team collaboration.

How Accelerent helps build business:

Since joining Accelerent only two years ago, our business has grown 20% and we have been able to provide several referrals to fellow Partners. There are really two factors that have made this success possible:

1. Great Partners in the organization. Even though it takes time to build relationships the payoff is well worth it.
2. How Accelerent is structured. It fosters the best ability to give and receive referrals.

Advice for prospective Partners:

Being a giver and not a taker is what makes this organization great! Spending time and following the proven process will definitely “ACCELERATE” your business growth. Not only has our business grown, but we’ve also become a company that is now more highly respected in the Nashville community.