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Frank Shankwitz

Creator and a founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Accelerent January Breakfast Hosted by Van Meter Insurance Group
Nashville, TN
Jim Morris

Former MLB player & inspiration for the film The Rookie

Accelerent/Alliance Material Handling Inc./Orases January Breakfast Event Hosted by DiPietro Family Law Group
Washington, DC
Dave Mattson

Best-selling author and Chief Executive Officer and President of the Sandler organization

Accelerent/Howard Bank February Breakfast Hosted by Kaiser Permanente
Baltimore, MD
Jack Mackey

Chief Evangelist at Service Management Group, creating more loyalty-inspiring customer experiences

Accelerent/Cowell James Forge February Breakfast Hosted by Park University
Kansas City, MO
Josh Bernstein

International explorer, photographer, author, diver and television host

Accelerent March Breakfast Hosted by CapStar Bank
Nashville, TN
Pat Williams

Senior Executive Vice President of the Orlando Magic

Accelerent/Howard Bank March Breakfast Hosted by Howard Bank
Baltimore, MD
Rudy Ruettiger

Legendary Notre Dame football star and inspiration for Disney movie Rudy

Accelerent/Cowell James Forge March Breakfast Hosted by Skopos
Kansas City, MO
Ben Utecht

Super Bowl XLI champion with the Colts, spokesperson for the American Brain Foundation and author of Counting the Days While My Mind Slips Away

Accelerent/American Health and Wellness Group March Breakfast Co-hosted by Lee & Associates and Westpoint
Indianapolis, IN
AmyK Hutchens

Business strategist, trainer and author of The Secrets Leaders Keep

Accelerent/Cowell James Forge April Breakfast Hosted by Waterfront Wealth
Kansas City, MO
Hyrum Smith

Creator of the Franklin Day Planner, author of10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management and What Matters Most

Accelerent May Breakfast Hosted by Spicer Rudstrom
Nashville, TN
Bob Seller

Former CNBC and Fox News anchor and author of Forbes Best Business Mistakes

Accelerent September Breakfast Hosted by Van Meter Insurance Company
Nashville, TN
Kevin Brown
Helped build a billion-dollar company that is currently ranked in the top ten of all franchises and #1 in their industry
Accelerent/American Health and Wellness Group September Breakfast Co-hosted by WestPoint Private Client Group and Bose McKinney and Evans
Indianapolis, IN
Col. Mark Tillman
Air Force One Commander on 9/11
Accelerent November Breakfast Hosted by Century II
Baltimore, MD

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