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Amelia Rose Earhart

One of the youngest women to circumnavigate the globe by plane in honor of her namesake

Accelerent/Cole Roofing/Gordian Energy Systems March Breakfast Hosted by Whiteford, Taylor & Preston
Baltimore, MD
  Accelerent/American Health & Wellness Group September Breakfast Co-hosted by Executive Management Services and FE Moran Security Solutions
Indianapolis, IN
Hyrum Smith

Creator of the Franklin Day Planner, author of10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management and What Matters Most

Accelerent/American Health & Wellness Group March Breakfast Hosted by Van Ausdall & Farrar, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
Terry Lyles

PhD. in psychology, author and national/international educator sharing his time-tested, scientifically measured approach to stress utilization

Accelerent/Cole Roofing/Gordian Energy Systems April Breakfast Hosted by Price Modern
Baltimore, MD
Dave Mattson

Best-selling author and Chief Executive Officer and President of the Sandler organization

Accelerent/Cole Roofing/Gordian Energy Systems May Breakfast Hosted by Brothers Services
Baltimore, MD
John Amatt

Everest expedition leader, author, and President of One Step Beyond WorldWide

Accelerent/American Health and Wellness Group May Breakfast Co-hosted by CLA and First Internet Bank
Indianapolis, IN
Jack Mackey

Chief Evangelist at Service Management Group, creating more loyalty-inspiring customer experiences

Accelerent/Cole Roofing/Gordian Energy Systems June Breakfast Hosted by Howard Bank
Baltimore, MD
Terry Paulson

Author, PhD psychologist and recognized expert on leveraging optimism to make change work

Accelerent/Cole Roofing/Gordian Energy Systems July Breakfast Hosted by Kaiser Permanente
Baltimore, MD
Alan Stein Jr.

Performance coach, consultant, speaker and author of

Raise Your Game
Accelerent/Cole Roofing/Gordian Energy Systems September Breakfast Hosted by Coffey & Company
Baltimore, MD
Steve Gutzler

Keynote speaker, author, executive coach, and respected authority on high-performance leadership, emotional intelligence, and leadership development

Accelerent/Cole Roofing/Gordian Energy Systems October Breakfast Hosted by Hartman Executive Advisors
Baltimore, MD
Bill Capodagli

Internationally recognized business author, consultant and keynote speaker, coauthoring one of Fortune Magazine's "Best Business Books",

 The Disney Way: Harnessing the Management Secrets of Disney in Your Company
Accelerent/Cole Roofing/Gordian Energy Systems November Breakfast Hosted by RS&F
Baltimore, MD
Jay Rifenbary

President of the Rifenbary Training & Development Center, and author of the international best-seller No Excuse!--Incorporating Core Values, Accountability and Balance into Your Life and Career

Accelerent/American Health & Wellness Group November Breakfast Hosted by Bose McKinney & Evans LLP
Indianapolis, IN

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