What others are saying
What others are saying


Greater Washington DC

Tom Adams, VP of Commercial Sales

Better than advertised

"Price Modern is proud to be an Accelerent Partner.  The value in terms of new business and potential business opportunities has been better than advertised.  The Accelerent team works hard to maximize the use of our time by creating a tailored strategy specifically for our team.  The events are top notch and well run.  Price Modern looks forward to being a longstanding Accelerent Partner."


Mary Ann Scully, President and CEO

Building lasting relationships through partnerships

"Accelerent, like Howard Bank, is about building lasting relationships through partnerships that, in turn , are all about making meaningful and mutually beneficial connections.    In our time as the Accelerent Title sponsor we have used the power of these connections to forge new relationships, deepen existing relationships and enhance the power of our brand.  We are proud to be part of Accelerent, a great organization taking networking to the next level."


Baltimore, MD and Greater Washinton DC

Mathew Neuberger, President & CEO

Doubled My Business

" I couldn't have doubled my business without the involvement in Accelerent the past 3 years."


Baltimore, MD and Greater Washington DC

Martin T. Fletcher, Managing Partner

Network of truly trusted friends

“There is no substitute for having a network of truly trusted friends who you can turn to when your business confronts a challenge. Accelerent has given us that broad network and it has already helped us in extremely valuable ways."


Baltimore, Maryland AND Greater Washington DC

Dave Hartman, President

Potential for meaningful partnerships are limitless

“For me, it’s the relationships with the other Accelerent partners that makes the difference.  Through the Accelerent platform, we’ve been able to forge meaningful personal and professional relationships with the owners of dozens of growing and thriving Baltimore area businesses.   Once you develop connections at that level, the potential for meaningful partnerships and mutual business opportunities are limitless.”


District of Columbia, Greater Washington

Ross Stansfield, Owner

Thank you Accelerent for introducing this avenue of business development to Ross Stansfield Productions

"I am excited about the opportunity to join an organization that builds and strengthens business relationships. Ross Stansfield Productions joined and supports Accelerent largely because it was a perfect fit for our changing business strategy. Our goal is to include the business community in our ever growing photography and multi media production business. The Accelerent platform would enable my company to reach C level executive consumers.

Thank you Accelerent for introducing this avenue of business development to Ross Stansfield Productions. I am very excited to take pictures and capture the purpose of Accelerent."

Our vision is simple. Within each local market, we interview and select the right companies to join us in creating a strategic and efficiently managed platform where decision-makers can build relationships with other decision-makers for the sole purpose of growing their respective companies.

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