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Planned Companies provides industry leading janitorial, maintenance, concierge/front desk and security services to a wide array of clients.

Planned Companies is known across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and now the San Francisco regions as the industry leader in janitorial, maintenance, security and concierge services. Rob Francis, President & CEO, recently shared how being an Accelerent Partner has contributed to their success.

How Accelerent helps build business

Planned Companies has received over $1 million in new business from its partnership with Accelerent. We have given several leads and introductions to our Accelerent Partners that has led to new relationships, opportunities and business. Remember, "In life – if you give, you get. If you give your time, energy and guidance, you will get much in return."

What do you think has been your key to success in Accelerent?

Our key to success at Accelerent has been attending the monthly meetings, following up with the members and getting to know the group. It is wonderful to know that Accelerent Partners go above and beyond for one another. They have quality relationships, opened many doors and shared best business practices.

What advice do you have for other Accelerent Partners or prospective Accelerent Partners?

Get involved, get to know the Partners and work the relationships. The quote "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" rings true in Accelerent. We attend 2 meetings monthly and there are at least 5 success stories per meeting. Accelerent works!

Ruppert Landscape is a company built from a strong set of values and a genuine dedication to providing the highest quality landscape management, landscape construction and tree growing and moving services available.

Jared Rothman, Business Development Manager, and Matthew Davidson, Branch Manager, recently shared how being an Accelerent Partner has contributed to their success.

How Accelerent helps build business:

While we’ve garnered somewhere between $50,000—$100,000 in business since our involvement with Accelerent over the past year, we’ve seen significant other benefits, as well. Equally important is what it’s done with helping us get our name out there, strengthening our position in the market and growing our people. We have about five members of our sales team at Ruppert who are actively involved with Accelerent, and through our involvement, we have facilitated numerous introductions that we think have turned into new relationships, closed deals and even community service projects for our other Accelerent Partners.

What do you think has been your key to success in Accelerent?

It’s important to be a good listener so that you can gain a better understanding of what fellow Partners are trying to accomplish, but it’s equally as important to be able to articulate your company’s wants and needs. By focusing on these key communication items—and following up on any action items we’ve committed to—I think we’ve been able to build and develop many meaningful relationships and expand our network.

What advice do you have for other Accelerent Partners or prospective Accelerent Partners?

Being an active participant in the process at all levels is really important to success. The more you invest in the process, the more you will get out of it. It’s about taking the time to really build lasting relationships that will lead to meaningful opportunities and beneficial connections. Also, always follow through with what you’ve said you’re going to do, as it underscores your commitment to the process and to the relationship that’s been generated.

DesignDATA is a leading IT services company focused on three lines of business: Outsourced IT, IT Consulting and Data Center Services. 

They blend their 37 years of business savvy intelligence with technical expertise to develop the best possible technology plan for their clients. Matt Ruck, Vice President, and Karl Wappaus, Director of Sales, recently shared with us how being an Accelerent Partner has contributed to their success.

 How Accelerent helps build business:

We have generated a number of great opportunities through Accelerent, resulting in monthly recurring revenue in excess of $20k per month. Although we have only been an Accelerent Partner for about a year, we have been able to refer business to a number of other partners. We have found the subgroup meetings, round tables and connection meetings to be especially productive. Our commitment to one-on-one meetings with other partners who share our “give to get” mentality has also been an important factor in our success.

 Advice for other partners or prospective partners:

Consistency is key. Stay committed to participating in Accelerent environments. Do the legwork ahead of the meetings (research the connections of partners) and always come prepared with a “give” opportunity for an attending partner, even if it’s just a simple introduction.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Cintas leads the industry in supplying corporate identity uniform programs, providing entrance and logo mats, restroom supplies, promotional products, first aid, safety, fire protection products and services, and industrial carpet and tile cleaning.


Chad Moran, General Manager, recently shared with us how being an Accelerent Partner has contributed to their success.

How Accelerent helps build business:

Our key to success has been to build one-on-one connections. Since joining Accelerent two years ago we have received nearly $400K in new business from fellow Partners, much of this being recurring annual revenue. Cintas has made introductions for fellow Accelerent Partners that has resulted in $315K in business for the Partners.

Advice for other Partners or prospective Partners:

Make connections early and build the meetings into your weekly routines. The meetings are a must and its critical not to get in the habit of cancelling and rescheduling. Be sure to build Accelerent into your company’s business plan for success. If participating in Accelerent is important to you, you will be successful.

An employee owned and employee driven company, Alliance Material Handling strives to provide the highest quality material handling products and services to their customers and to always conduct business with integrity and in a professional manner.

Tom Albero, President & CEO of Alliance Material Handling, Inc., recently shared how being an Accelerent Partner has continued to be an important aspect of their success.

How Accelerent helps build business:

Through being an Accelerent Partner, I was able to attract the talent of two key executives that were former Accelerent Partners. Gary Corbett, our COO, who is building a Customer Intimacy Culture that will take us from $50 million to $100 million in the next 5 years, and Matt Stankevich, Systems Division / Sales Manager, who has doubled our Systems division revenue in one year. In addition, through Accelerent we have received over $4 million in directly traceable revenue, much of which is repetitive business. I can’t quantify the total business that has come our way due to the marketing we receive through Accelerent, but we are getting calls from prospects asking us to quote business, which has never happened before. Accelerent has single-handedly taken our company to a different level.

Key to success in Accelerent:

“Pay it Forward” has been my theme in life so I use that in everything I do with Accelerent. I take the time to build relationships and never ask for anything. At last count, we had given over $3.5 million in business to other Accelerent Partners. Also, we now include Accelerent in our strategic planning for sales, and every key prospect that we are trying to win over must first start with determining if there is an Accelerent Partner that can help us.

What advice do you have for other Accelerent partners or prospective Accelerent partners?

Build the relationship with your partners first. Find them business once a trusted relationship has been developed and never ask for their business. Eventually they will ask you to quote them something.