Partner Success Story: Cole Roofing/Pfister Energy

Family owned and operated in Baltimore, MD since 1919, Cole Roofing has been focused on solving problems for their customers and providing meaningful employment for their team members. From their first gutter job to the newly developed and installed solar integrated roof systems, they continue to reinforce their trusted reputation throughout the architectural and construction communities. Bill Cole, President of Cole Roofing and Pfister Energy, recently shared with us how Accelerent has contributed to their success.

How Accelerent helps build business:

Pfister Energy was introduced to a solar industry player at an Accelerent Evening Reception through CohnReznick, one of our Accelerent Partners. From that introduction, a long-term relationship was formed that helped Pfister solve an immediate client project financing issue. The relationship with this solar developer has led to a growing number of solar projects! Pfister also met a contact at an Accelerent Breakfast who after more than 2 years turned into our largest single location job to date.

Advice for prospective Partners:

Morgan-Keller Construction (an Accelerent Partner) provided Cole with an opportunity to service 4 properties in Frederick, repairing various roofing issues. They then introduced us to a local credit union and we performed 11 roof inspections, completed 6 repairs, and are working with them to hopefully perform a roof replacement project. United Way of Central Maryland (an Accelerent Relationship) introduced us to a local Property Manager generating 2 large repair jobs. Fidelity Engineering (another Accelerent Partner) has been an on-going collaborative partner which I believe will only grow over time.

Cole Roofing’s Service team also frequently benefits from connections made in Accelerent. There are almost too many small projects to name that have come from our Accelerent partnerships. We benefit most every month in at least some small amount of service work, and often in either larger service projects, or a new and valuable ongoing relationship with a property owner.

Having the “give to get” mindset is core to our company culture. This provides us with exponentially more personal satisfaction when we can help a Partner make a connection or help our client solve a problem by referring a Partner. No time is spent keeping score in our company, we freely and aggressively look for ways to help.

Advice for other partners or prospective Partners:

For us, success in Accelerent is defined by growing the number of like-minded businesses we connect with. Building a relationship with a business leader who gets as much personal satisfaction as we do from helping others allows us not to worry about how our time is spent. We are confident that this work towards a common goal of helping one another will lead us all to success. As Andrew Carnegie once said, “Do your duty and a little more and the future will take care of itself.” Combine the desire to help with hard work and tenacity and we are confident we can be a good Partner to all.

The pathway to achieving this success starts with participation. Attending as many environments as they provide and getting to know what our Partners do, is critical. You are more apt to find good matches between your relationships and fellow Partners when you understand what separates them from the competition and consistently ask what is their biggest current challenge.