Partner Success Story: ESG, Employer Solutions Group

As a strategic business partner, ESG specializes in providing professional outsourced HR Services to small and mid-sized companies.

By partnering with ESG, clients are able to eliminate, reduce and/or manage the risks and administrative necessities associated with having employees. This partnership allows clients to focus on what they do best, thereby allowing them to become more efficient in their core business.
Mark Trimble, ESG Vice President of Operations – Arizona Market, recently shared how being an Accelerent Partner has continued to be an important aspect of their business.

What attracted you to Accelerent:

ESG was one of the original Partners in Accelerent. At that time when we joined there were only 7 other Partners. The caliber of the Partners is what initially attracted us to Accelerent, and over 5 years later, it is still one of the main reasons we continue to be a part of Accelerent.

How Accelerent helps build business:

Accelerent takes a different approach than the typical networking group. Because each Partner has made a significant financial investment to be a part of Accelerent, the drive to give and get meaningful referrals is strong among Partners. Another differentiator is that Accelerent provides a proven system for involving both Executives and Producers of the company. Since being a Partner in Accelerent, we have brought on new business revenues over the years that have far exceeded our cumulative financial investment. ESG, and its affiliates in other markets, have generated over $4 million through Accelerent.

Advice for prospective Partners:

Be patient. The ROI curve for each Partner is different, but if Partners are committed to the process and actively participate, the returns always come. Building trust with the other Partners and a commitment to being accountable is also critical. Accelerent Partners are more than willing to share their trusted relationships, but they first have to know that you can be trusted with the referrals they give. Once this occurs, the opportunities flow.